How to join Vulcano by sea

The Aeolian Islands can be reached by sea from different places:
From Messina: there are many races in summer connecting to the islands; in winter there are only 2-3 races.
From Milazzo: Vulcano is on the route towards Lipari, therefore it is frequently connected. Volcano can be regularly caught up all the year from Milazzo by Siremar or Ustica Lines hydrofoils or by Siremar or N.G.I. ferryboats.
In summer there are more races than in winter, in general it is not necessary to reserve safe for the apex of the season (August) and in particular occasions and festivities.
From Reggio Calabria and Messina: there are many races pluridailies of Ustica Lines hydrofoils all the year: only 2 per day on winter, many races in summer.
>From Naples: by Siremar ferryboats all the year with 2 weekly races in winter, and 6 weekly races in summer; by Ustica Lines hydrofoils in summer with 1 or 2 races every day.
From Palermo and Cefalù: in summer period by every day Ustica Lines hydrofoils: in winter by 3 weekly races.


How to join Vulcano by airplane

Reggio Calabria: this is the nearest airport to the Aeolian Islands.
From the airport there are buses to Messina in coincidence with the flights. Then, from Messina there are 2 solutions: take a Ustica Lines hydrofoil for the Islands or, by bus till Milazzo, and then take a hydrofoil or a ferryboat.
In alternative, take a taxi from the airport to Reggio Calabria port and there take the hydrofoil to the Islands.
Still in alternative, rent a car at the airport, let’s go to Villa San Giovanni, take the ferryboat to Messina. Then take the one-way Messina-Palermo and exit to Milazzo. Leave the car to a hire and take a hydrofoil or a ferryboat to Vulcano.
Catania: there are many flights to Catania and it is only 150 km far from Milazzo. From April to October there is a direct bus one per day to Messina or to Milazzo and finally boarding for the islands. In winter there is a bus to Messina and then bus or taxi to Milazzo and from there hydrofoils to the islands. In alternative there is a taxi service at special prices connecting Catania to Milazzo.
Palermo: Palermo airport is 220 km far from Milazzo. In winter there are taxi services to Palermo port and from there Ustica Lines hydrofoils, 3 times a week, to the islands. It is also possible to rent a car and carry on to Milazzo by the one-way Palermo-Messina.
Lamezia Terme: the airport is 160 km from Reggio Calabria port and from there it is possible to take the direct hydrofoils to Vulcano or to take the ferryboats to Messina and from Messina a bus to Milazzo.

BY HELICOPTER: there is a new connecting service between the airports ant the Aeolian Islands. Flight lines are available from Friday to Monday from the airport of Reggio Calabria.

How to join Vulcano by car

Naples and Milazzo are the only boarding ports for cars to the Aeolian Islands, by Siremar or N.G.I. ferryboats.
Let’s take from Naples the one-way Salerno-Reggio Calabria and exit to Villa San Giovanni. The one-way is free. Then take the ferryboat to Messina and then the one-way Messina-Palermo, exit Milazzo.




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