The beaches

One of the most famous beaches of the island is the so called Sabbie Nere (Black Sands) with a typical fine and black sand of volcanic origin. They are placed in the natural bay of Ponente (nord-west).
The beach of the port of Levante (north-east) is sure one of the most fascinating beaches because it is near the zone of the muds and the sea is characterized by air bubbles of warm water people use in order to treat the sinusitis or diseases of the skin.
Other little beaches of black sand are joinable only by sea and they are placed between the Port of Ponente (nord-west) and the anchorage of Gelso.
Following the road that catches up the southern part of the island, we join the small village of Gelso characteristic for its ancient lighthouse and the black beach.

Tourist itineraries

Places to visit:
Vulcanello: towards the north of the island, after the isthme of earth that separates the port of Levante from the Ponente ones, let’s join Vulcanello, on this cape the vegetation is various and in the northern part there is the Monster Valley, that takes its name from the particular shapes of the cliffs on the black sand.
Lentìa: with a walk of about 2 km., it can be reached the district of Lentia, in the western part of the the island, from which it is possible to admire a panorama on the Etna volcano and on the other islands.
The Great Crater of the Fossa: the great crater can be easily reached by climbing for 1 km and, once arrived at the top, you are attacked by the acrid scent of sulphureous gases; different are the fumaroles, zolfataras along  the descent. Close to the port of Levante it is possible to visit the zone of the muds and of the fumarole, famous for their therapeutic property. In the port of Ponente there is the Centre of Volcanology, opened to public and where the volcanologists can give every possible information .
Gelso: on the south of the island, in a small bay with black sand and dominated by the ancient lighthouse. From the port go towards Vulcano Piano, for about 8 km and from there it is possible to join Gelso, after other 8 km.

Underwater Itineraries

In this section we propose you some underwater routes in order to explore the depths of Vulcano. Also in the underwater the volcanic genesis of the archipelago betrays more frequently and, as it happens for the external landscape, it differs a place from another one, giving to some of the islands depths therefore characteristics. To come down along the slopes of an active cone of a volcano is not an everyday experience and it can be real in Vulcano.
The most important zones for underwater exploration we can advise are: the Franata dell’Arcipelago (Franata of the Archipelago), the Muro della Sirenetta (Wall of the Sirenetta), Capo Grillo (Cape Grillo), Punta Bandiera (tip flag), the Scoglio del  Quaglietto (rock of the quaglietto), Capo Testa Grossa (large head cape) and Capo Grosso (large cape). The characteristics of these zones is surely the volcanism phenomenon, streams of lava that fall down towards the sand and continue towards the abysses; gaseous emissions that come over from the depths with warm water; thermal waters, sulphur crystallizations.
On the rocky walls there are beautiful colonies of sponges and briozoi. The red shrimps with their typical white antennas; the red marine stars, often supported on the depths of the black sand; the little needle horse fish between the Posidonias, a little marine forest. It is possible to meet groupers of 5 or 6 kilos laying pointing out to the divers until they decide to reduce the distances and to disappear defintively in a rocky labyrinth.
The deeper zones are rich in great cups isolated of Leptosamnia and in red corals that can be found with octopus. The Nudibranchi, above all the Flabellene and the Peltodoris species, can be easily distinguished thanks to their lively colours while they eat the octopus.
In the Aeolian Islands there is optimal assistance for the underwater fishermen divers and in all the islands it is possible to find recharging stations, equipments to rent, courses that release issue licenses, accompaniments, special offerings for coupling stay-excurtions.
An overview of the seas of the Aeolian Islands could better help to study the general particularities they have. The Archipelago, from the point of view of the depth and of the dynamic circulation of marine waters, many characteristics.
The whole area is interested in an intense and complex hydrodynamism, due to the action of the marine currents of the close Stretto di Messina (Straits of Messina), to the currents originated from the winds and to the influence of the general circulation of the Mediterranean Sea, originated from the coming of the Atlantic Ocean and the intermediate waters that slide approximately 600 meters depth, coming from the eastern part of the Mediterranean. The surface currents are almost nonexsistent; currents of a node can be occasionally found closer to a shore or in case of badweather.



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